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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Suhoski Offered Sturbridge TA Job

This just in...-ed.

"Suhoski Offered Sturbridge TA Job

STURBRIDGE/AYER -Ayer Town Administrator Shaun Suhoski was the unanimous pick by the Sturbridge Board of Selectmen on Monday, Feb. 22 to become Sturbridge's town administrator. Suhoski has not yet commented to Nashoba Publishing.

It's unclear at this point whether Suhoski will accept the post as terms of employment are to be determined. However, Suhoski did indicate to the Sturbridge selectmen that, if offered the post, he could start work there in as soon as 45 days.

On the 5-0 vote, the Suhoski selection potentially puts to bed a protracted process to find a successor for prior TA James Malloy who left in June to become Town Manager for Westborough. This was the third attempt to form a consensus via a selection process head by two different search committees.

Ayer Selectman Gary Luca, in the midst of his second term, has worked with Suhoski during his tenure on the Board. Suhoski was elevated to the Town Administrator post in 2006 following his prior seven year stretch in Ayer's Planning and Development Department, serving as the town's Economic Development Director.

"I wish him luck. I hope he does well if that's what he wants," said Ayer Selectman Gary Luca on Tuesday, "I'm sure he'll be fine down there. He's a dedicated employee."

"I'm sorry that he's leaving but people don't stay in places for very long," said Luca.

Of Ayer's potential need to launch a replacement search should Suhoski accept, Luca said, "We'll just move on from there and hope to get a town administrator that can handle everything that's thrown at him efficiently and effectively."

"He'll be fine at it. Sometimes when you're somewhere for a long time, a change of pace is fine. And if he decides to stay, that's fine with me," said Luca, "I've enjoyed a good working relationship with him."

Suhoski, 44, is a Fitchburg State College graduate, has a law degree from New England School of Law and previously worked as a newspaper correspondent for several regional newspapers. Suhoski is also involved in a music group that plays throughout the area. Special provisos were included in Suhoski's employment contract with the Town of Ayer to permit his continued involvement in both the reporting and musical supplemental employment opportunities.

Suhoski made the final three this third time around in Sturbridge via his application made last summer during the town's first attempt to fill the vacancy. The names of the three finalists last summer were never released when 4 of the 5 search committee members resigned in protest of perceived pressure to select Charles Blanchard, Paxton's Town Administrator and husband of selectman Chairman Mary Blanchard for the post. However, word got out informally that Suhoski was on that short summertime list.

Suhoski's name didn't surface in December for the second attempt, though Search Committee Chairman James Ehrhard said Suhoski was in their top 10 semifinalist list. Suhoski made the final three this month along with Mansfield Town Manager John D'Agostino and Laurel, Montanta DPW Dir. and CEO William Sheridan. Suhoski was ultimately tapped Monday night.

Sturbridge Interim Town Administrator Michael Racicot said Tuesday of the timeline, "As far as I am aware, Mr. Suhoski will be meeting with the Board of Selectmen at their next meeting on Monday, March 1 to discuss the position and negotiate a possible agreement. After that meeting we will know the timeline, salary, and any transition arrangements."

The Ayer Board of Selectmen meet the next night, Tuesday, March 2 when perhaps Suhoski's ultimate fate will be known."

This article appeared on the Nashoba Publishing website 2/23/10.--ed.

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