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Thursday, September 9, 2010

She's Been Here Before

Ever notice an infants face as they check out their surroundings?  As soon as they are able to "see" shapes, and faces in front of them they will watch, and connect to those eyes watching them.  They will smile, and laugh when we do the same to them.  They are great mimics.  You will interacting with them when suddenly someone walks behind you, or enters the room to the left, and the baby's eyes will dart to that person and follow them.

They are showing that they are aware.  They may not understand, that is more advanced than just being aware.  Being aware is one iota away from doing a Neil Diamond, and crying, "I am!", and that is the beginning of understanding.

How this all happens is beyond me, but watching it happen is something I have seen many times, and I will always find it to be amazing.  Another thing that I find amazing is when an infants eyes dart over your shoulder and follow someone to the other side of the room, and smile, maybe laugh, but there is no one there.

No one else in the room except you, and the babe.

What did they see?  What were they smiling at?

I have my own opinions on this, and to most it would sound as if I was out of my mind, and maybe I am, but maybe they see those that have gone before us.  Maybe, as they spend more time being part of the world, they slowly loose this ability, and become like the rest of us, unknowing, and unbelieving.

I know, a lot to take in.  Babies seeing spirits, making contact with those that have passed on, but are still among us.  It is a lot.

Plain crazy talk.

Maybe they see angels instead.  Sounds a lot nicer, and better accepted than just spirits.  But, what are theses angels saying, or doing to elicit such reactions from the babies?

I haven't a clue, but something is being shared, and by someone I don't see.

Of course this is all pure speculation.  Pure speculative, crazy talk.  Right?

For the past few weeks on TV there may be something a bit more concrete than pure speculation.  Something that I have never experienced before.  Is she an "old soul"?  Someone that has been here before, or maybe an angel themselves?

Or, maybe just somone that while they were at that "awareness" stage as an infant, they listened, and learned as well.

Speculation.  Whacky beliefs.

Listen to the video below, and after it is finished think about what you just heard, how it was presented, and who presented it.  Then think about that angel theory again.  Maybe, just maybe, this time the angel has decided to stay.

By the way, this angel is only ten years old.

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  1. Wally, listening to this little girl sing is like an out-of-body experience. My eyes well up each time I watch her perform. Her voice is that of a mature, seasoned opera singer...and SHE'S ONLY 10!!! Unbelievable. I just hope she never loses her grace and humility. But then, an angel never would, would she? Sharon described her performance as heavenly and your comments are right on. I don't think you're crazy at all!


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