Autumn in the North Cemetery.

Sixty miles west of Boston, Massachusetts there is the small New England town of Sturbridge. Located at the junction of I-90 (The Mass Pike), and I-84 it has become known as the "Crossroads of New England". The town was first settled over 300 years ago, and like other small New England towns it has grown just enough over the years to be in a difficult place today. How do we embrace the future without forgetting how we got to our present? How do we attract the right kind of growth, and maintain who we are? And, what about our culture out here in Central Massachusetts?

These pages will cause one to think about how to protect what we have, our future direction, and how to move on in the very best way.

Those thoughts, and other ramblings, will hopefully inspire more thought, conversation, action, and occasionally a smile...

...seems to be working so far

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Winter Forest Walk And Talk

Hot chocolate and candy canes will be served.
Contact the Conservation Department for more information.


  1. Thanks, but No ThanksThursday, December 09, 2010

    Still not a good idea, even with the changes.

  2. Thanks but no..., nothing's been changed, this is an entirely different event. Seems to me that no matter what's done, you'd never be happy. Must be awful being so negative.

  3. Hunting season is no time for the town to invite people out into the woods. A hunting accident would be "awfully negative." So would a law suit. It must be awful not being able to see the forest for the trees.

  4. Dear Anonymous #1, I think you should read the notice again. You are not correct.

  5. OMG. They just won't stop. People need to wear helmets in the woods to protect them from owl attacks, too.

  6. it's saturday morning. i abut the heins conservation property. i've heard a half a dozen shotgun blasts this morning and it's only 8 am!!

  7. Duck, you cwazy wascal.

  8. Hunting season. It has a tendency to make a lot of noise. Wear orange, and use your head.

  9. Come on! You would dress you kids in brightly colored clothing and take them into the woods trusting that no hunter, who happened to bring along a six-pack would ever shoot at a rustling sound, a movement of leaves, a flash of white, or just for the hell of it? There's something very wrong with this picture!

  10. Better to stay at homeSaturday, December 11, 2010

    'Remember the old song, "Teddy Bears' Picnic?"
    Here are some of the lyrics. Just change the "teddy bears" in the song into the word "hunters."

    If you go out in the woods today,
    You'd better not go alone.
    It's lovely out in the woods today,
    But safer to stay at home.

    For every bear that ever there was
    Will gather there for certain, because
    Today's the day the teddy bears have their picnic.

  11. Maybe, just maybe someone goofed up. Maybe someone didn't think of hunters. Maybe someone only thought of a special day for the community to spend in the woods.

  12. Why take a chance?Saturday, December 11, 2010

    Dear Maybe...
    Yes, of course, it must've been an honest mistake. But it is more than an honest mistake to compound the problem now by knowingly continuing to invite families into the woods at this time. A simple "I'm sorry" won't do if there's a problem up there. Hide Christmas eggs on the common or something. That would really make more sense! REALLY!


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