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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

When They Say They Are Renting A Limo, Don't Stop Worrying

By JOHN PENNEY Norwich Bulletin Posted Jun 15, 2010 @ 02:37 PM

Killingly, Conn. — Several Killingly High School seniors who arrived to prom drunk are barred from attending Friday’s graduation ceremony, school officials said.
The 11 students, who were not identified because of their age, showed up visibly intoxicated Friday at the Publick House in Sturbridge, Mass. for senior prom, said Superintendent of Schools William Silver.
The students, some who had trouble walking and standing, were ferried to the event via a “party bus,” he said.
“The police were called and several students were screened, with breathalyzers administered to others,” Silver said. “Fifteen kids were found to be intoxicated. Eleven of them were Killingly seniors and the rest were friends or guests.”
The students were separated and their parents were called, Silver said. No arrests were made. 
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OK, I was a teenager once, well, in many ways I still am, anyway -- I'm a parent now, have been for sometime, and although the kids are no longer in their teens I think that with my experience as a teen, and my wisdom as a parent I would have been able to tell that something was up if the vehicle like the one at the left pulled into the driveway on prom night.

Yep, looks like trouble on wheels to me.  

One thing about being a parent in the know is that it comes with a responsibility. I would have inspected that chauffeurs paperwork, the registration of the bus, and the  inspection sticker.  I would have walked up and down inside that vehicle, and I would have seen what those kids were up to , yep, those kids were planning on standing up, and walking about the bus while it was moving!  Why?  There are no seat belts!  Not one!  

Teenagers!  Living on the edge.  Thrill seekers all of them!

Oh, and about them planning on drinking on the bus, and most of them having to be poured out of the bus when it reached its destination, I wouldn't have picked up on that.  I mean, really, what parent would have ever expected that?  We're not psychics, you know.

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