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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Out of Hiding


I have had much on my mind lately about the American soldiers who continue to perish in Afghanistan and Iraq.  I imagine that most people don't realize that already in 2011 between January 1 and January 20th twenty-five soldiers made that ultimate sacrifice.  I believe that whether or not we philosophically support the wars, we can agree that the casualties should not be hidden.

I have produced a simple video that I hope you will consider using on your web site.  I have taken an old classic American historic song about the sadness of the loss of our youth and with just a few pictures of a cemetery and soldiers' caskets I have included the names of those who have perished thus far in 2011.

You will find this non-political, and I did not include my name or my website in the video.  Please look at it and consider if you would embed it on your site. I am hoping that if others find it worthy, they will consider passing a link on to others.  Thanks, Wally.



I agree.  Take them out of hiding.  Only when we know the true measure of the sacrifices being made can we truly understand the losses our nation has suffered.

When we are not aware it is as if it never happened.

It did happen.  It is happening.

Thank you, Brent.



  1. Just exactly what is it "we" are fighting for in Iraq and Afghanistan? Are "we" fighting, or are we allowing our children to be used as unknowing pawns?

  2. Every conflict offers up the exact same question. The only thing in common to them all is that people die. Previous war coverage in the media showed the cost on TV, and the newspaper, but since Desert Storm, the cost has been hidden, except to acknowledge when a local soldier has been killed. The result is that the American people don't see "the cost" on the evening news, and all is well with the world. Ten years later we are still there.


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