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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Really? I'm Responsible? Really?

A ruling has been offered regarding the case of the Selectman, and the lady committee member.

The ruling stated,

"Whereas Mr. Garieri is an elected official, the Town’s administrative officers have no authority to impose discipline. Likewise, the Board of Selectmen itself cannot impose any formal discipline upon one of its members. Conduct of elected officials is ultimately the responsibility of the voter"-- --The ruling, signed by harassment officer Town Administrator Shaun Suhoski and alternate harassment officer Finance Director Barbara Barry on May 20th.

What? The conduct of an elected official is not the responsibility of the elected official, but rather the responsibility of the voters?

The ruling was good up until that particular point. No voter is responsible for the actions, and /or words, of an individual once elected to office, or even before they are elected. The elected official is responsible for their own actions,and words. This is elementary. Yes, voters may be responsible in electing the individual to the office, but that is where it ends.

If an incident warrants discipline, or a recall, and there is none, then those that allow the behavior to go unaddressed are responsible for any future incidents along with the offending official. This is the responsibility of the Board of Selectmen, and the voters. It is not the responsibility of the voters to prevent the behavior, as stated above, but it is their responsibility to make sure it is appropriately addressed.

Was it? I think it could have gone further.

To read the article, click on the link below.

Ruling finds selectman violated policy

By Matthew Bernat
Turley Publications Reporter

From The Tantasqua Town Common

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  1. "What? The conduct of an elected official is not the responsibility of the elected official, but rather the responsibility of the voters?"

    You might recall: during his first apology, you know, the one after he denied or couldnt "remember" what he said, he apologized but said he couldnt take responsibility for it. Remember? He said it would be a "cop out." Theres your answer.


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