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Sixty miles west of Boston, Massachusetts there is the small New England town of Sturbridge. Located at the junction of I-90 (The Mass Pike), and I-84 it has become known as the "Crossroads of New England". The town was first settled over 300 years ago, and like other small New England towns it has grown just enough over the years to be in a difficult place today. How do we embrace the future without forgetting how we got to our present? How do we attract the right kind of growth, and maintain who we are? And, what about our culture out here in Central Massachusetts?

These pages will cause one to think about how to protect what we have, our future direction, and how to move on in the very best way.

Those thoughts, and other ramblings, will hopefully inspire more thought, conversation, action, and occasionally a smile...

...seems to be working so far

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

It's Time

As a result of a recent posting, this blog, a usual respite from the anger seen on other sites such as in the comments offered at the Worcester Telegram site, was inundated with angry, hurtful comments. It became such an onslaught, that I had to pull the plug on the comments. Comments no longer served a purpose other than to inflame one another, and this is not the place for that. What was done was to offer the other side of the discussion in full since we have been hammered with one side since the beginning. When that was done the other side became irritated, and lost control of their words. I will not share those comments left to be posted. If I did, it would prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that those that wrote them were not of their right mind when they wrote them, and considering that some actually signed their names, it would prove an enormous embarrassment to them once the dopamine wore off. Instead, I will post a piece I wrote a little bit ago, because...

t is time to end the madness.

For a little over two months I have shared my thoughts, my ideas and dreams for the Town that I have grown to love, and care very deeply for. It is not just the land, the history, or what the town offers its residents, it is the people of this village.

With any group of people there are those that one admires, those that blend into the scenery, others that one will disagree with, and still others that cause such a ruckus that one can not help but not like what they do.

They make us uneasy. They ramble, and make accusations based on their version of truth and integrity without taking into consideration that their method only burns the bridges they are trying to build. They attack, and when confronted, offer "evidence" to back up the "truth" that they espouse. They display a mash-up of words and images proclaiming their ideas, and except for the rambling, disconnected torrent of words, nothing is original. They purposefully hurt others. They will use words like integrity, but surround it in quotes.

They are bullies.

They serve no social purpose. They can easily be labeled misfits, and as I said above, every group has them. Unfortunately, they come with the territory.

They take sides, mostly for the wrong reasons, and sometimes take the better side, but again, for the wrong reasons. They lash out, or set in motion little "time bombs", and then sit back and wait to see the fireworks. All in the name of some self righteous crusade they have chosen. But let me make one thing very clear, crusades are fine, if the mission is good, and one does not burn and pillage along the way, and loose sight of the cause.

They thrive on the madness they invoke. They eat, and sleep, and sit awake thinking, planning, and designing their next move. The disorder they cause is the thrill, not the improvements they say they seek. That would run counter to their purpose. If things changed as a result of their ravings, they would be disappointed, and would change directions and then step up their actions a notch.

The intent of their initial purpose may have been a good one, but somewhere in the course of things, their thought process became skewed. No one can say that they are for truth and integrity when they bend it, and have shown that they lack integrity themselves. They quote the First Amendment, and hide behind it, and unless they become threatening, there is little we can do to silence them. It is like the events in Skokie, one has to allow it, but one doesn't have to acknowledge it.

When chastised, they become defensive, and place you on the "list". They use fear as a weapon. Good people fall by the wayside because they are attacked constantly, and it becomes a large part of their day undoing the damage caused by the bully. The harassing become personal. A vendetta.

One can stop the bully, but one can also "starve" them.

When a Broadway show looses its audience, it closes and fades away. When a bully looses his ability to cause mayhem, they do one of a couple of things:

  • They accelerate their tirades, like a noisy child having a tantrum, and eventually they will quiet down, or

  • They attack from a different angle, for a different purpose, or at a different group.

To starve the bully one must ignore them. Totally. That means not acknowledging their ideas, or accusations verbally, or in writing whether or not you agree. No matter how much one is inclined to "set the record straight". No checking up on them to monitor their activities. Those casual views are recorded and even if you are passive in your visit, it still counts as a visit, and gives the bully a rush. You can not "feed" the bully.

We cannot wear ear plugs or blinders, that would shut us out from the rest of the world, but we can move on, eyes front, and take control of our lives. To focus our eyes front, we need to have a common worthy goal to guide us, or good person to follow. Getting all on the same page is the first step.

That being said, there is one way to definitely stop the bully. The only way that they will go away, is if someone, or someones, arrive on the scene that are stronger, more put together, and not afraid of the accusations, tantrums, ramblings, even when they become personal. Someone that will take the heat away from the others that the bully abuses, and thrust it back at him. Someone who knows the bully's weaknesses better than they do.

In the meantime, the things we can do now are to ignore the bully, and to remove the bully from his pulpit. Demand that the bully leave his position. It is not so much what the bully says, but the manner in which he says it, or shares it. The bullies opinion is their own, and they are entitled to it, but when it is preached to point that it causes others to fear him, and question what he may do next, then it is time to stop the madness.

He no longer belongs behind the pulpit.


  1. Your blog, your right
    My keyboard, my right

    A former reader

  2. Great analysis - I hope it becomes as widely shared as it should be.

  3. Amen.
    That was one of the best pieces you have written. It is all so true. Thank you for putting it in black and white. Also thank you for the chronology in "It's Not Easy Staying Green" It makes the picture much clearer.
    Amen to you.

  4. Dear Thinking,

    I am doubtful you will publish these comments and thus have submitted them to Mr. Creamer's Blog.

    I was a faithful reader of your blog until today. I offer these comments as parting thoughts.

    I find it strange that you seem to be directing comments towards you Mr. Creamer.

    Where was your blog when we were complaining about the ConCom treating residents and business owners with complete disrespect?

    Where were you when no one but Mr. Creamer stood up to demand they be televised?

    Where were you while the rest of us were gathering signatures to have those meetings televised?

    Where was he when Mr. Moran's business was being harassed by the Board of Selectmen?

    Where were you when the Board of Selectmen voted for a smaller treatment plant despite the pleadings of 90 per cent of the residents in attendance?

    Where were you when Halterman insulted residents of this town when he characterized us as having no class?

    Where were you when members of the Board of Selectmen chose to take sides against the Planning Board over the Dumas issue?

    Remember Billy Emrich, isn't it he who is arguing that we're supposed to work together, right? Sure Bill, we get it. Just agree with you that is how you view working together.

    Where was Thinking Out Loud when Mrs. Search requested money for the Senior Center and received no action from our elected officials?

    Where was Thinking Out Loud when Mrs. Peabody and Mr. Sosik were prevented from being appointed to committees by the Board of Selectmen with no reason given?

    Where was "Thinking" when despite the professional opinions of Tom Chamberland and Greg Morse; the Board of Selectmen overturned their decision on McGilpin Road?

    There are so many other issues that Mr. Creamer brought forward that have made a major contribution to our town and better government.

    While Thinking Out Loud, was doing just that, THINKING, Mr. Creamer was taking action. You can think all day long till the cows come home, but that isn't getting it done.

    It is convenient for someone to hide behind screen name on their own blog while others such as Mr. Creamer is willing to stand up proudly with no mask on and denounce hypocrisy and dishonesty.

    You state in your latest posting that you love this town, well so do I and I am tired of not being accounted for and I am tired of watching this town slowly die.

    Despite what you may think, Mr. Creamer has restored my hope and spirit with his actions, and all the THINKING in the world wasn’t going to change that. I cannot thank him and Mrs. Morrison enough.

    I enjoyed your blog and thought it refreshing, but now I think a bit differently. You seem to vilify Mr. Creamer's blog (though subtly) and the T&G blog on the one hand while allowing Mrs. Pecci to make unsubstantiated claims and derogatory comments about Tom and Russell Chamberland as well as Mr. Creamer.

    You mentioned the T&G blog which seemed to be rather one sided as many of the comments there have been vicious and hate filled towards Mr. Creamer.

    At least he stands for what he believes an openly states his positions (without masking his words) and despite what you may think, he is well respected and revered in town by those who understand what he is fighting for.

    No longer reading your blog.


  5. I find it funny that you "pulled the plug" on being able to comment on "Its Not Easy Staying Green's" letter because on an onslught of comments from the opposition. Perhaps that should ring a bell for you that the MAJORITY of the people in this town and who live on McGilpin Road do not agree with Mrs. Pecci at all. For a blog that promotes both sides, seems to me like you are chosing sides! At least on Creamer's blog he allows all comments to be posted.
    For the record, I live on the road and am strongly opposed to saving tree 25. I found it funny that Mrs Pecci didn't stand up and speak for why she wants to save tree 25 at the special town meeting on Monday. She can write a letter on the blog full of mistruths, but she can't speak at the town meeting...interesting.

  6. Dear DL, I appreciate your taking the time to express your opinions. Feels good doesn't it? That's what I do, too. There will always be opposing points of view. It's expected, and normal. Each tries to convince the other side of why they feel they are right. But, when the tone becomes hostile, extremely angry, hateful, vindictive, and the language becomes bad, form BOTH sides, then communication is now lost,and nothing more can be done. Time to pull the plug in order, and move on. No mater how good the fight, it can not be done in a mean spirited, and disrespctful way. I understand how you feel,and although I may think differently, I respect what you have to say, and how you have said it. Your voice is needed.

  7. Dear Phantom, I pulled the plug because the comments from both sides. BOTH sides were getting a bit crazy. I had about one dozen comments that were so hateful, that they would be considered incediary. It had to be stopped. I allow comments to be posted as well. I will not post comments that are hateful, designed to be hurtful, threatening, and only posted to stir up a tempest.
    And, I don't choose sides. I do favor one issue as opposed to another, as does anyone. If you feel the letter written by Ms. Pecci is full of mistruths, I would like to hear them. If you write a letter, and can counter any claim she has written with facts (like she did), and feel so strongly about it that you can sign your name to it, then you may have the floor. I will give you the same opportunity to post your opposing view as well. One rule, though, everything you counter, must be backed up by fact, no inuendo, or hearsay.

  8. Dear Aroundsturbridge

    I am cancelling my subscription to aroundsturbridge immediately.

    It seems U are non-political until U become political and then U want to air all sides until U don't want to air all sides.

    Also seems like U don't want to take sides until U want to take sides.

    U were at your best when writing about our history with quaint little anecdotal stories, but now U seem to be the one who is off course. I was taken aback by your comments today which read like something from a Stephen King novel.

    U may wish to read some of your previous work for if anyone has lost their place and altered course, it certainly seems to be U.

    A mirror is considered a great tool.

    U talk Broadway shows losing their audience, well perhaps U should peak out from behind the curtain, because this audience member won’t be returning for your encore performance.

    I Prefer honesty to Broadway.

    P.S. As it seems U are now picking and chosing what comments U post, I have sent these to Sturbridgewatch as well.

  9. Dear former reader,
    I have no idea what you are saying. I'm sorry.

  10. Dear Off Broadway, I don't pick and choose comments. The ones I did not post were very disturbing, from both sides. I am not a referee, or a psychiatrist. No one should be subjected to that kind of abuse. It is a tree, nothing more. To some it means a great deal, to others it has become an issue. I needed to give both sides a "time out". It was deserved, and it worked.

  11. Dear Just Thinking,

    Thank you. Your eloquent writing sums things up better than ever. Your message is powerful and it is my hope that people will heed your advice and ignore, dismiss and turn away from the negative, unconstructive, unprofessional and “ugly” approach of the bully. Thank you for thinking.

  12. Wow! You are right on! We all need to take your advice and starve the bully! I am printing your words out as a reminder and encouragement. I agree - its time to end the madness.

  13. Thinking,

    You have lost me now as well. You state that Phantom can write a response and have it posted as long as it is based upon facts like those of Mrs. Pecci.

    What facts do you refer to? She says that our Tree Warden makes his judgments based upon his "gut". What facts provided support that assertion?

    She accuses Mr. Tom Chamberland of switching gears and becoming negative. What facts provided support that ascertain? From everything I witnessed and read, he was consistent in his ruling that the tree was hazardous but that he would do whatever necessary to save it as he had been ordered.

    She suggests that the brothers Chamberland have jumped onto some bandwagon. What facts provided support that ascertain? She seems to suggest something underhanded in that Mr. Chamberland did not include Tree 25in the grant application. What facts provided support that ascertain?

    She suggests that she is speaking for the residents of McGilpin Road. What facts provided support that ascertain? (From what I have witnessed, she speaks for a small few)

    She claims this to be a small issue but considering the more important needs in this town, it would seem to me that any money spent on a tree on a out of the way road owned by you and I for the purpose of appeasing a handful of residents is a huge issue.

    No need for me to challenge any comments she made about Mr. Creamer as he is quite capable of handling those so called facts.

    It seems Thinking that you have broken all of your own rules and have contradicted yourself repeatedly on this one. You say play nice but then go on to make allegations about a “bully”. You stop posting comments to the letter, but then start posting them (perhaps in response to them appearing on the other blog)

    You speak of people becoming defensive when questioned, but it appears to me that you have become a bit defensive with your replies to peoples comments. "Thou does protest to much". You may wish to consider Mr. Creamer’s approach which is to comment as little as possible to posts, allowing our comments as readers speak for themselves.

    I agree with DL, you should stick to history and cute stories; you were great at that, but in the meantime, please cancel my subscription as well. On my commute into the city I will remember the good times we had when your blog was young and you did what you did best, make me laugh and smile. Like all Broadway shows however, the time has come to bring down the curtain.

    The Goodbye Girl

  14. Dear Goodbye Girl,
    First of all, blogs don't do subscriptions. I get mine by email, and I did that myself.I hope that "thinking" decides to share the comments he received and didn't put up. He wrote that some of them were signed.
    Good Bye, Girl.

  15. Alright already enuf, stop it just stop it. This damn tree is dividing the town in a mean spirited way, on both sides, A street is going to be widened and paved, a group of people wanted to save a tree, Tree Warden said tree is hazardous, people said I don't think so, went to the BOS, BOS said save the tree, went to Town Meeting, they said cut the tree down, Tree Warden said I can't BOS said save it....this is the case in a nutshell. So where to go from here, either back to the BOS or ZBA for reconsideration,or leave it the way it is. I'm not sure which but name calling, fingerpointing, he said, she said, isn't doing anything. Both sides are our neighbors, we meet them at the store, Church, our kids go to school with their kids, neither side is bad or evil, both sides right now are beyond reason, its "time out" time.
    Stick to the facts not personalities, do your homework and find out where to appeal but damn do it with diginity...sending this to both blogs 'cause seems even some people have divided against the blogs.

    Two Cents Worth

  16. Does anyone find it odd that Kirsti says she was against the request for funds, but never did or said anything to have the selectmen remove or prevent it from going on the warrant? Her brother Ted could have worked to keep it from going on the warrant by asking his peers not to support placing it if Kirsti was really against the request for money.

    She accuses Tree Warden Chamberland of changing his position at the Finance Committee meeting but hey, if she was against the money, why did she let it get that far in the first place?

    Seems like a rather convenient change of heart on her part.


  17. Is it Kirsti's job to not place it on the warrant? Who was responsible for placing it on the warrant? They felt the money should be voted on by the town, not by Kirsti. Is it her responsibility to stop an item before it reaches a certain committee? ONce in motion, the wheels have to turn , and go through all the motions until it is either accepted, or a dead deal.

  18. Dear Two Cents Worth,
    Having you been reading over my shoulder while I typed?? :-) I totally agree with you, but I don't think they said to cut down the tree, I believe they just denied funding for work to be done on it. I don't know it's fate now. Maybe private money will be spent again.

  19. Hi,
    I loved your words yesterday. But due to the bully, I didn't want to leave a comment. If you feel the bully is a town official, I hope you write to Jim Malloy. I have written as well as others but Jim feels its free speech. I don't believe that this bully should be allowed intimidate and harrass folks - that isn't his job and he shouldn't be allowed to do it. I'm not talking about stopping his free speech - I am talking about doing his job in a respectful manner and if he can't do it he should be removed. I hope you would consider writing a letter to Jim.

    Also, thank you for the encouragement. I really needed to read your words. Keep up the good work!

  20. maple and main,

    u'r kidding right? It wouldn't have gotten there were it not her intent in the first place.

    I am all for friends and neighbors and hugs and kisses, but we have to at least be real.

    Be Real

  21. Seems to this daily reader you're all over the map Thinking. Posting comments to a letter you weren't previously posting and referencing a "Bully" while suggesting that we be more civil. I read the comments here and on creamer's blog. Don't see any evidence of folks being of unsound mind. See instead residents who have had it with only one side of the argument being heard. That is the side that for years has been smothering this town going all the way back to Walmart. Other side had every opportunity to write about their viewpoint. Didn't see them writing to the editors. They could start their own blog, or has this become it. I agree with other residents who are glad creamer has stepped up. Seems to me like those complaining the most are the ones who have had it their way for far too long. Pretty clear message the other night, people are fed up with a handful of residents having all the say.

    Fed up with favortism

  22. be real--
    what you wrote makes no sense.

  23. Dear Thinking: I am amazed at how many people are telling you that they will no longer read your blog. I've been visiting your blog for quite some time now and I've never seen these names.

    They're asking for facts. Then when presented with what they seek, they turn tail and run to the other blog which welcomes them with open arms.

    Please, Thinking, stay the course. You are doing a service to the community by tell ALL sides, not just one side.

    And my dear DL, I don't blame you for thinking Mr. Creamer is your savior, but your "facts" are askew.

    Mr. Moran's business has been in violation for YEARS; the town administrator and town counsel has been talking with them for years and they continue to do whatever they wish. So to say it's this selectboard's fault is totally incorrect. It seems YOU are new to all this, and that doesn't mean the issues are new. Where were you before Mr. Creamer became the mouthpiece for sideways politics?

    Was Thinking's blog even around when the idea of broadcasting Conservation meetings was being discussed? If you read the history of this blog, you'll see that it has not been political, so your point is moot. This shows you are new to this blog, so losing a viewership that wasn't there in the first place is a veiled threat.

    I saw the meeting when Mr. Halterman made his comment, and it was NOTHING as you state it was. That's your own spin and it's loaded with "integrity".

    Your statement that Thinking's blog "vilifies" Mr. Creamer is so completely one-sided. Mr. Creamer's blog has been vilifying certain residents of Sturbridge for well over a year, but that's okay, because you don't like them?

    How very hypocritical.

  24. I have to thank the lucky stars that I get to live in a town like Mayberry. The most important issues of the day have to do with a tree. We should all be so lucky that we don’t have to talk about crime in the town or the drug dealer who is our neighbor. So, in closing, I would like to say thank you Sturbridge for making Mayberry a reality. Every other town will be jealous with envy.

  25. Dear Mr. Acorn Oak Tree: if a casino is built in Palmer or Warren, then you'll wish you did live in Mayberry.

  26. To dismantled community: forgive my ignorance, but could you elucidate for me the "facts" that have been previously presented that I, and clearly others, somehow missed?

    Could you please also explain how a pre-existing, non-conforming business can be in violation of zoning? By definition, pre-existing and non-conforming means it's exempt from current zoning assuming there are no site, use, etc. changes. Again, call me ignorant, but...please explain.

    You are correct in what you imply; aroundsturbridge was not up and running during the "ConCom televising issue", however, that doesn't preclude the validity of the comment. If someone cares enough and is outraged by goings-on they can, at any time, make their voice right now, when you, me, and many others, including Thinking Out Loud, are making their voices heard. This site, up until very recently , was really devoid of policital commentary. That, however, has changed.

    I was at the meeting when Mr. Halterman made those remarks. If you heard the gasps and saw the expressions on the faces of those in attendance you might think differently. Then again, you might not.

    As for one-sided commentary, I suppose I could say your opinion that Mr. Creamer's blog vilifies others is just as one-sided.

    Interesting, don't you think?

  27. To dismantled community: forgive my ignorance, but could you elucidate for me the "facts" that have been previously presented that I, and clearly others, somehow missed?

    Could you please also explain how a pre-existing, non-conforming business can be in violation of zoning? By definition, pre-existing and non-conforming means it's exempt from current zoning assuming there are no site, use, etc. changes. Again, call me ignorant, but...please explain.

    You are correct in what you imply; aroundsturbridge was not up and running during the "ConCom televising issue", however, that doesn't preclude the validity of the comment. If someone cares enough and is outraged by goings-on they can, at any time, make their voice right now, when you, me, and many others, including Thinking Out Loud, are making their voices heard. This site, up until very recently , was really devoid of policital commentary. That, however, has changed.

    I was at the meeting when Mr. Halterman made those remarks. If you heard the gasps and saw the expressions on the faces of those in attendance you might think differently. Then again, you might not.

    As for one-sided commentary, I suppose I could say your opinion that Mr. Creamer's blog vilifies others is just as one-sided.

    Interesting, don't you think?

  28. Dear Dismantled,

    You are correct. I would wish to be in Mayberry at that point but, how did we get onto the casino phase of the questions. I agree I don't want them here or anywhere close by. The comment I made was a perspective of issues in town. I thought there were bigger fish to fry than the time we have taken on the tree.

  29. hmmm, if I could write like u, that's exactly how I'd have said it.

    Since I can't I will simply say that hmmm is right on the money.

    I applaud your logic.

    Be Real

  30. Dear Hmmm et al...since you are one his flying monkeys, I'm not surprised that you also aren't aware of, or ignored the history with that business, or that you take this tack instead of speaking to the point I made. It's very Creamerish.

    I'm not going to do your job for you Ms...however, I was referring to a history of issues with that business over the course of years that the town administrator and prior Selectboards have had to deal with. If those issues were not dealt with properly in years past, please clarify for me how this Selectboard is responsible.

    Perhaps the issue lies with the town administrator and his view of what the zoning issues are or were then? Isn't it HIS job to deal with those issues? Maybe a Search Committee for a new town administrator should be formed because he is not doing his job either. I guess you missed my point, but I won't say you're ignorant even though you asked me to, that's insulting.

    I heard Mr. Halterman's comments. Maybe it comes down to what your frame of mind is when he made his comments? If you are a flying monkey, then just about anything any one of those people says is going to be twisted into something unrecognizable, just like it has been for the last 1.5 years. And what a complete distraction that must be.

    How come no one at the castle commented when Selectman Halterman recently talked about contacting and working with Old Sturbridge Village toward their business plan? Or when he talked about contacting Rom's Restaurant in an effort to follow up with them to keep them in Sturbridge - which these Selectmen did as far back and November 2006. How come the invitation to the Leglislative Luncheon at Publick House, which was sent to the town administrator - at his request so that he could disperse it amongst the various town committees - was not sent to Selectmen, Planning Board, Zoning, EDC? How come certain Planning Board officers did not share the invitation they had with other Planning Board members? Non Chamber-members were invited to that meeting.

    It is because flying monkeys, aka diciples, can only focus on the negative and the political, which is: to hell with the town, you slash and burn me, so I'll pillage you.

    Like I said to "Really Real": appointed officials, especially those on the planning board should be WORKING on a Master Plan, working toward and assisting with growing Old Sturbridge Village which will help other businesses prosper. At least, this is my view, and it's better than I've heard from anyone else out there lately.

    I'm thinking out loud, and I'm so glad to have a forum that allows me to express my ideas. I do not know everything, not even 97% of everything like some people, but at least I see with my own eyes and hear with my own ears - I don't need Creamer to do my thinking for me.

  31. Just thinking, you asked for facts. I will be submitting my letter to you under Ms. Pecci's article. I hope you post it!

  32. Okay, has everyone got all their grievances aired out, anymore resentments....I hope so cause its time to stick with the main issue "the tree" also time to start thinking with your mind instead of your butthole

    Disgusted with the lot of you

  33. ---Phantom,
    Just be sure to sign it as thnking asked. She signed hers, and you need to. if you don't want to , there are other places to post it I am sure.

  34. Just thinking- How come you have posted my comment on 'Its Not Easy Staying Green'. I did what you asked and backed up my statements with facts. I guess you really were not searching for the truth.

  35. Dear Phantom,
    Thank you for writing. Here is what I said,"...If you write a letter, and can counter any claim she has written with facts (like she did), and feel so strongly about it that you can sign your name to it, then you may have the floor. I will give you the same opportunity to post your opposing view as well. One rule, though, everything you counter, must be backed up by fact, no inuendo, or hearsay."

    You sent me a list that was unsigned, first of all. The Facts in your comments are smitten with "if's", questions, assumptions, and opinions. If you will sign your name, stick to facts only, no opinions, assumptions, or "if's", then send it along to And, understand this, I don't like being placed in the middle of personality squabbles. I don't like it all, and I have learned from this, so keep on track, facts only, and your name. And, finally, f you have another venue at your disposal, such as a place of your own to post things like this, then please, use that space instead of mine. You will still have readership.

  36. Just thinking- My letter contained facts- please point out which ones were not. I told you, I am not signing my name. I do not need to be stalked by the Goodwin family. I spent a lot of time putting that together and gathering up my facts. Did I add some of my own feelings, sure. BUt so didn't Ms Pecci and you posted hers. That's fine, we can all see that you only post what you want. Mr. Creamer posted it so Thanks anyway. When you decide to be fair and post all people's comments whether you agree with them or not, let me know.

  37. hey phantom,you already got yourself printed somewhere else, so what's the big deal? if Thinking says that your comments had things other than facts then look over your comments, and check it out maybe Thinking is right maybe not but look it over. she signed her name, that was taking responsibility for her words, you won't do that for some stupid reason. gimme a break like stalking. this place does not need your negativity. Keep it eleswhere

  38. He said it first, yeah but she said it back,... but he said it worse, but she was meaner...but I'm gonna get people on my side, okay then I'm gonna get more...yeah but your people don't know how to think for themselves, they can too and they're smarter than people you know....Listen up you monkey, no you better listen you, you, tadpole...getting the idea people.
    You wouldn't let your kids keep going like this....
    That's what its starting to sound like, again stick to the facts and not personalities.

    Two Cents Worth

  39. It is a matter of opinion on whether or not it is worthwhile to save an old tree. The real issue, saving an old tree, has become a subtitle because someone has taken the issue and inflated it, twisted it, and trashed the people who brought the issue forward. The residents who care to save the tree have every right to care. Check out the links below and read for yourself that saving old trees isn’t a new idea.

  40. To dismantled community: I am saddended and disappointed that you chose a derrogatory term "flying monkeys" with which to describe me and others with whom you have differing opinions. I am further dismayed that those of us who think differently than you, but hold similar (though not necessarily the same) opinions as Mr. Creamer must be his "disciples". Considering we are all adults who have made it this far in life, I'm fairly confident that most of us can think for ourselves. I am also saddened and disappointed that, at least in my opinion, you have written your thoughts and opinions in ways that I and many others view as rude, mean, and even malicious. Certainly, you would make the same claim about Mr. Creamer's writings, so please spare me the "pot calling the kettle black" speech. Remember, however, that those are his writings, and his alone.

    This will my last posting (albeit only my second one) as it's clear to me that the kind of conversation that is productive (one that is devoid of name-calling, among other things) is not the kind of conversation in which you've chosen to engage. I outgrew the sandbox long ago and have no desire to return.

  41. We have a natural right to make use of our pens as of our tongue, at our peril, risk and hazard. ~Voltaire, Dictionnaire Philosophique, 1764

    Just a thought... we are all affected by the democratic principles the founders of our country instilled in the Constitution and the influence of the elightened thinking that Fran├žois-Marie Arouet (aka Voltaire) had on their thinking, which has blessed us all with our freedom of speech. Voltaire stood up for free speech and would defend to the death individual rights to express their opinion. But he also noted that these can come at a cost. This is both in the sense of military cost in preserving our rights and that those that choose to exercise free speech in public may be criticized for their thoughts and ostracized in their community. Yet, our tolerance and acceptance of this right is one of the things that sets our country off from every other and makes us the envy of the world in this regard. Nobody comes knocking at our doors in the middle of the night if we express an opinion publicly.

    We all have the inalienable right to free speech, but we also have the right to listen and read what we choose. So don't get so worked up over others opinions, read them, listen to them and then make up your own mind...

    The only valid censorship of ideas is the right of people not to listen. ~Tommy Smothers

    Just another, more contemporary quote.